Unvaccinated Florida Man Undergoes Double Lung Transplant After Contracting Covid-19

An unvaccinated man from Florida caught a ''full viral load'' of Covid-19 after he attended a live music concert and fell ill days later. The man named Blake Bargatze, 24, was bedridden for close to four months and his muscles were slowly being eaten up, reported doctors.

Bargatze was put on tubes for 120-days that helped him breathe but he had to consume 40-50 pills a day. The virus badly affected his lungs and he required a double lung transplant to survive.

GoFundMe / Blake Bargatze's Double Lung Transplant Fund

The man revealed that he was vaccine skeptic at first due to the political game that engulfed across America and now has a simple message to everyone and says, ''get vaccinated''.

Bargatze underwent the double lung transplant but his medical condition is far from being healthy and is still fighting for life. ''After being in the bed so long, I lost a lot of strength and muscle mass,'' he told NZHerald. ''For a long time I couldn't lift my hands or fingers off the bed. I have the full range of motion in my arms and can stand with some assistance but I still can't walk.''

Despite life not being the same as before, Bargatze says he's grateful to be alive and restricts his outdoor activities as advised by doctors. ''I have a lot of restrictions. I can't be in smoke-filled bars, I can't eat raw foods, no sushi, nothing medium-rare. I have to be extremely careful about who I am around. I am extremely immunocompromised,'' he said.

Blake Bargatze Was Vaccine Skeptic But Not Anymore

GoFundMe / Blake Bargatze's Double Lung Transplant Fund

Bargatze revealed that he now wishes he should have got the Covid-19 vaccine before attending the concert and regrets going to the show despite not taking a single dose.

''I was a little skeptical about the vaccine at first. A lot of people were because of how political it became. But I know now that it's no different from the flu vaccine. I wish I had just waited to go out until after I was vaccinated,'' he said.

He revealed that he had no underlying disease or ailments but still fell extremely sick after contracting the virus at the music show. Bargatze's family members have started a fundraiser to cover his expense by creating a GoFundMe page and have raised $42,438.