Pokemon's new game is fishy because it is all about Magikarps

Magikarp is known to be unreliable and pretty much the weakest of the Pokemon troop.

The Pokemon Company has just launched a Pokemon mobile game for iOS and Android users and to everyone's surprise, it turned out to be a game about Magikarps. The game, titled Pokemon: Magikarp Jump lets the players take care, nurture and train the iconic fish Pokemons throughout the levels with the objective of making their Magikarps the best jumper in the world.

With the easy controls and an incredible storyline, your summer will just be sorted. Although, Magikarp is known to be unreliable and pretty much the weakest of the Pokemon troop, it has always managed to garner the admiration and love from the fans, so much so, that the Magikarp has its own video game spin-off. Magikarp was also the subject of a song posted by the Pokemon Company.

The gameplay is quite easy and perfect for players of all ages to get hooked on the game. All you have to do is tap on the food that will appear on the screen to feed your Magikarp and then complete its jump training to proceed with the levels. Following some challenges and their successful completion the Magikarp will retire at level 20 and a descendant will take his place, who will be stronger that his predecessor.

Interestingly, players will be able to fish several types of Magikarps, including those with patterns on their skin like calico and polka dots and once they get these they can share it on social media to show off their achievements.

Added bonus is that several other popular Pokemons like Pikachu, Piplup, and others will also appear throughout the levels to provide your Magikarp with some advantages.

The game is now available for iOS and Android users and while the download is free, the game will have in-app purchases.

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