Pokemon GO will bring over 100 new monsters in December update

Pokemon GO December update is expected to feature Pokemon trading, PvP battles and new ways to train monsters.

Pokemon GO December update
Pokemon GO will bring over 100 new monsters in December update

Niantic Labs is expected to add more than 100 new pocket monsters to its popular augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' in December. In addition to the new ones, the update will also feature the regular as well as the legendary species of Pokemons.

According to the leaked game code for the upcoming Pokemon GO update, several new features including Pokemon trading, player vs. Player battles, and new ways to train monsters, are expected to become a part of the game soon.

The Pokemon GO community has been taken by surprise with the recent flurry of feature updates from Niantic such as the Nearby Pokemon feature, the purple shape-shifting Pokemon called "Ditto" and a bunch of other perks to improve the overall gameplay experience of the users.

According to The Silph Road, the "moveset data" for hundred new species of Pokemons has not yet been uploaded on the game servers. Consequently, a new client-side update will facilitate the addition of new Pokemons into the game.

The game maker has not divulged any info regarding the names of 100 new species of Pokemons that are expected to debut with the December aka Christmas update. Also, there is no official word on when the new Pokemons would appear in the game.

New users, who haven't yet downloaded the game, can go ahead and install the same via Google Play Store as well as iTunes App Store.