Pokemon GO: Top five most-powerful Pokemon with highest Combat Power revealed

List of top five most-powerful Pokemon in the game with highest Combat Power (CP) has been revealed.

Nintendo's new augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' features 151 different Pokemon in total as in the original Pokemon Kanto series. As curious and restless Pokemon fans await the global release of the game, avid Pokemon GO players are busy hunting the rarest of Pokemons in the real-world locations.

IBTimes SG explores the top five most powerful Pokemons including the Legendary type to help avid Pokemon GO trainers to collect the strongest Pokemons in the game.

Zapdos (Max CP – 3114)

Zapdos is one of the Legendary Bird Pokemons representing the Team Instinct (Yellow team) and it is one of the six rarest Pokemons that cannot be caught in Pokemon GO yet. It is highly-rumoured that these rare Pokemons would be launched at the impending Pokemon event, following the global release in the next few days.

Moltres (Max CP – 3240)

Moltres is part of Team Valor (Red team) and happens to be a rare Legendary-Bird Pokemon just like Zapdos. Moltres is also among the six of the rarest Pokemons that cannot be caught yet.

Mew (Max CP – 3299)

Mew is the most powerful Pokemon in Kanto Pokedex while it's ranked third in Pokemon GO with a weaker CP than Mewtwo. However, it is extremely adaptable and can travel either in the air or underwater.

Dragonite (Max CP – 3500)

Dragonite is among the rarest Pokemons which has not yet been caught or spotted in the game. Other flying-dragon-type Pokemons, Dratini and Dragonair reportedly have two out of 10 chances to spawn nearby lake or Water area.

Dragonite is by far the strongest Pokemon in the game as it has more CP than the other two Legendary Bird Pokemons.

Mewtwo (Max CP – 4144)

Mewtwo is the ultimate Pokemon from the original Pokemon series. However, it cannot be evolved any further into Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y Pokemons using Mewtwonite X or Y candies in Pokemon GO.

As you may recall, Pokemon GO official gameplay trailer depicts some trainers gathering at Time Square to defeat and capture Mewtwo under the given time limit. Consequently, it is ascertained that more such Legendary Birds will make their way into the game through popular Pokemon events hosted by Nintendo.

[Source: Gamepur]