Pokemon GO tips and tricks revealed by first US player to catch them all

Nick Johnson reveals the best Pokemon GO tips and tricks after he became the first guy in the US to capture all 142 unique Pokemons.

Pokemon GO has become a phenomenal success in the world of augmented-reality games as hordes of players across the globe have been invariably hunting the toughest Pokemons in the game. Meanwhile, Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson has become the first Pokemon GO player to capture all 142 distinct Pokemon that are currently wandering the streets in the US.

Johnson was pushed to the extent of hiring an Uber taxi to drive him in circles to catch one of the very last Pokemon he needed for his unique collection, reports Business Insider (India).

Here are a few of those enlightening tips to catch them all from the veteran player of Pokemon GO:

  • You need to get a comfortable pair of shoes that can aid you in walking extremely long distances like 8 miles a day.
  • Whenever you try hatching eggs, ensure that you walk along a straight line as the game periodically calculates the distance travelled by you in a straight line from the start till your current position. Note: If you are running in circles then that would not be counted as distance travelled by you to unlock or hatch a rare Pokemon egg (2k, 5k or 10k).
  • Earlier in your game, you should always focus on evolving lower ranked Pokemon like Pidgey and Weedle as they consume barely 12 to 25 candies to evolve completely in comparison to stronger and rarer Pokemons, which eat up more than 50 candies from your inventory.
  • If you are looking for upgrades or in-app purchases then the egg incubators are your best bet as they offer you the ultimate value for money at just 33 cents for every egg hatched.
  • Pokemon GO is better played as a team game than as an individual. You need more man power to defend your Gyms or find the rarest Pokemons and max out all the upgrades for your elite Pokemon.
  • Don't forget to share tips and tricks with fellow players across the globe on leading game communities like PokemonGONYC on Facebook and Reddit. More experienced hands on the deck will always give you more options when you are running out of time and resources.
  • Look out for popular celebrity destinations like Central Park's Grand Army Plaza, wherein you can spot hundreds of players as well as Justin Bieber hunting for rare Pokemons through the night. Note: It'snot just the celebrities as this hotspot attracts tons of rare Pokemons every thirty minutes.
  • Try using an accomplice or girlfriend's phone in tandem as you look out for any Pokestops or locations that you might have missed in your epic adventure of catching 'em all...
  • Try familiarizing yourself playing Niantic's original augmented-reality game 'Ingress' as Pokemon GO implements a similar mapping data and game strategy like its predecessor.

[Source: Business Insider – India]