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Pokemon GO: Johto region (Gen 2) Pokemon will soon appear in the wild today Nintendo

Nintendo has officially confirmed in its recent Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter that the new Johto region Pokemon will soon show up in the popular augmented-reality game. Contrary to the December announcement, a bunch of Gen 2 Pokemon from the Johto region (location for Pokemon Gold and Silver) will now be available in the wild without the hassle of hatching eggs.

Pokemon GO newsletter
Nintendo officially confirms that Gen 2 Pokemon from Johto region will appear in the wild soon.

Despite the declining popularity of the smash-hit AR game in the last few months, the game developer has been constantly revamping Pokemon GO features to protect its loyal fan-base. The addition of Gen 2 Pokemon is one such move aimed at preserving the user interests and drawing the loyal fans back to the game.

Although the latest announcement via Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter suggests that the new Pokemon will start showing up today, there has been no other public announcement regarding this development on the media or TV. This should be a big surprise to avid Pokemon fans across the globe.

One glance at the screenshot of the official newsletter confirms that Pichu and Togepi will be part of the Gen 2 Pokemon release from the Johto region. Speculation is rife that Cleffa, Igglybuff, Elekid, Magby, and Smoochum will also make their way to the list of freely available Gen 2 Pokemon in the wild, despite being featured as Pokemon that hatch from eggs in the current-gen game.

[Source: Pokemon Newsletter (PDF)]