Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO update 1.23.2 for iOS and 0.53.2 for Android released with South Korean language support: Download now

Niantic Labs has finally added South Korean language support with its newest Pokemon GO updates for iOS and Android as the popular augmented-reality game gradually expands its reach to a wider audience across the globe. The new Pokemon GO update v1.23.2 for iOS and v0.53.2 for Android enables the game's availability in South Korean app store without modifying the existing features or adding any new functionality to the game.

The latest Pokemon GO release localises the game content for the South Korean market with support for the country's vast expanse of historic landmarks and beautiful locales filled with new PokeStops and hot spots for capturing some of the rarest Pokemons in the game.

Besides, majority of the Pokemon spawning locations and spawning nests are reportedly situated at popular and key locations across the country. Consequently, it should be easier to find some rarest Pokemon in these regions.

Although the AR game is more than a year old now, the new expansions and feature enhancement updates will keep the loyal fans hooked to the game. We could only hope that Niantic will add some new features to boost the replay value of the game, in its forthcoming title updates.

Interested gamers may go ahead and download the latest version of Pokemon GO on their iOS and Android devices via iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, using the links below:

Pokemon GO 1.23.2 for iOS

Pokemon GO 0.53.2 for Android (APK)