Pokemon GO: How to fix Pokeball freeze issue

Some Reddit users have shared a simple fix to resolve the Pokeball freeze issue while catching a Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon GO, Nintendo's new augmented-reality game, has achieved phenomenal success and popularity in the countries where it has been released, despite facing severe server-connection problems at launch and some in-game freezing issues while capturing Pokemon.

It is confirmed that the freezing problem occurs regardless of the device carrier or the smartphone model being used to play the game. Furthermore, the issue seems to primarily affect those using mobile data rather than a Wi-Fi connection for connecting to the game servers.

Nevertheless, some insightful gamers have posted a couple of temporary workarounds on Reddit to address this problem and prevent Pokemon GO from freezing up or rendering your Pokeballs useless.

Here is what one user _xkbxh suggests as a workaround for this problem:

To all my iPhone 6 and up users I was going through this same exact problem and it was really pissing me off, but what I did was you got to your settings, go into your cellular option, select cellular data options, select enable LTE, and then select off. After I did this everything ran a lot smoother and I never had a freeze since then. Hopefully this works for you guys :)"

Another Reddit user swiftuhhh had this to say:

It ONLY happens when you successfully captured. If you force close it when it freezes it will not count. If you wait for about a minute you will see the loading icon in the upper left. Game will still be frozen and you will have to force close it, BUT 9 times out of 10 when you come back you will have captured. Best thing is to go to the journal and it will confirm it. Has been working for me so figured I would share, its annoying but at least you can keep the pokemon."

Alternatively, you can try the following workaround suggested by veteran Pokemon players:

Although these tips may work for some users, several Pokemon GO users have confirmed via Reddit that the LTE fix works better than the other. However, please remember to restart your Pokemon app or the device itself after applying the fix.