Pokemon GO: How to find rarest Pokemons in secret spawning locations via custom maps

Embark on your epic adventure with new custom maps that pin-point secret spawning locations of rare Pokemons in your locality.

Pokemon GO has become a phenomenal game in the world of augmented reality while the internet is abuzz with secret ways of finding the rarest Pokemons using custom maps. With the use of such custom Pokemon GO maps, it is now possible to determine the precise spawning location of the rare Pokemon with varying degrees of accuracy.

The Pokemon community has currently unleashed at least three unique Pokemon GO maps wherein each has its own distinct advantage over the other. If you are an avid Pokemon fan, you need to carry one of these maps all the time to help you in your epic Pokemon-hunting adventure.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Veterans of Pokemon game would definitely prefer Gotta Catch 'Em All over other Pokemon GO maps, given its versatile features. It is the best tool for Pokemon hunting at the moment as it comprises Pokemon sightings across various categories including Common, Uncommon, Rares, Ultra Rares and Epics.

This mapping tool brings a broad set of sorting options at your fingertips to find the specific Pokemon by earmarking its natural habitats with tiny icons around your real-world location.

On the downside, the inability to use the tool outside Boston area is its biggest limitation. We can only hope that its availability will expand to other cities and countries in the future.

Nevertheless, the residents of Massachusetts will benefit the most with this extremely powerful Poketracker.


Pokecrew is right on top of our list as it pin-points the most-common Pokemon found near your locality with documented information on the last successful catch and the present whereabouts of the monster based on earlier sightings in your locality.

Each type of Pokemon can be distinguished with a 'Chance of Sighting' rating and the time of day when the species is likely to appear at the specified location in the map.

Pokecrew is still in its infancy stage and requires more documentation work to be completed before it can be used as a reliable source. Nevertheless, the active community engagement events on the site look promising and we could only hope for the evolution of a full-fledged Pokemon maps service on it, in the near future.


With its limited tracking and sorting options, the Pokemapper isn't the ideal option for newbies to Pokemon GO as rural areas lack mapping support or GPS-data coverage. Expect scant data availability even with larger towns as reported by the folks at PC World.

Despite its weak database and filtering capabilities, the Pokemapper is the most widely available tool in the market as it covers a broader userbase.

With bigger and better tools reaching the fingertips of Pokemon GO players, we wonder if it would spoil the spirit of the game or indeed boost the competency levels among the veterans of the community, in their quest to be "the very best like no one ever was."

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