Pokemon GO: How to earn 120,000 XP per hour with Pidgey farming guide

Comprehensive guide to level-up quickly using the Pidgey Pokemon farming guide in Pokemon GO.

Nintendo's new augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has taken the world by storm as the global-fan population is in a frenzy to "catch 'em all" and power their way to glory. However, those who are struggling to get through the levels or wondering if there is a quicker way to farm those low-level Pokemons then you should undoubtedly follow the new video guide from JoRoSaR to earn up to 120,000 XP every hour.

If cheating or exploiting is not your style then you are left with the age-old ways of slogging each level at a snail's pace. But, we leave the selection of gameplay style to your discretion.

The wannabe Pokemon Gym leaders and power players can use a bunch of smart tricks outlined below to rise through the challenging levels at a lightning pace. Here is the gist of the pidgey farming guide that will help you muster 120,000+ XP every hour:

Step 1: Start your epic adventure by collecting as many low-level Pokemons as you can in and around your home. Ideally mark out all the nearby Pokemon spawning locations in your area, so that you find the same kind of Pokemon every time and that makes your task simpler. Tip#1: The type of Pokemon spawning in various real-world locations depends on the geography and not the weather conditions or the presence of Lure modules. So, expect to find unique Pokemons like Ratta, Pidgey, Spearow and Zubat from different locations of the city when you start the game.

Tip #2: Your aim is to build a massive army by accumulating the same type of Pokemon in large numbers as that will invariably add bonus candies in your inventory and help in your quest to evolve a low-level Pokemon into a powerful one with high Combat Power (CP).

Step 2: Acquire a lucky egg from the in-game Pokemon shop with PokeCoins or reach level 9 to get it for free. You will find more lucky-eggs as you level up through levels 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on. Each active lucky-egg grants you double XP for a period of 30 minutes such as 100 XP (50 x 2) for entering a PokeStop, 1000XP (500 x 2) for evolving a Pokemon and so on.

Step 3: With a large number of Pidgeys or Ratta in your account, you will have enough candies to start evolving them one by one. Just open your inventory and select the Pokemon of your choice, and then hit the Evolve button.

That's it. Each evolved Pokemon will fetch you 500XP and an active lucky-egg will double those points to 1000 XP for 30 minutes. You could use another lucky egg to rinse and repeat the process after the specified time.

Tip #3: Each evolve process will take approximately 30 seconds to complete. In other words, you can evolve 60 Pokemon in 30 minutes and that translates to 60,000 XP for every half-an-hour of your gameplay time.

If you are still skeptical, check out the YouTuber's amazing gameplay video below: