Pokemon GO global release update: Server status now stable, company hiring new talent to fix servers

Pokemon GO game servers back to normal while Niantic posts job ads to hire new talent for fixing server issues.

Pokemon GO game servers are now stable and back to normal state, after a brief outage affected players across several parts of the globe including Hong Kong and Japan on 26 July. Meanwhile, users in Taiwan have reported Map changes between earlier unblocked session and today while there have been no updates from users in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, India, Cambodia and China.

There have been no further updates on the availability of game servers in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well while several players across the globe reported login issues with Pokemon Trainer Club accounts on 26 July.

Niantic, the developer of smash-hit augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has recently posted a bunch of lucrative job ads for hiring the necessary talent to fix their game servers, after the overwhelming demand for their new AR game overloaded their servers resulting in persistent game crashes and connectivity problems.

Few of the key positions available for gaming enthusiasts include Software Engineer – Server Infrastructure, specialists in machine learning and Global Community Manager. Each of these three positions would enable Niantic to keep servers up and running, learn player behavior and make refined adjustments to the game and help build the company's relationship with the players.

Niantic CEO John Hanke recently announced at the San Diego Comic Con that the company will not roll out any new features to the game until the server situation stabilizes.

Here is the gist of Niantic's job posting for the challenging position of 'Software Engineer - Server Infrastructure':

"Create the server infrastructure to support our hosted AR/Geo platform underpinning projects such as Pokemon GO using Java and Google Cloud. You will work on real-time indexing, querying and aggregation problems at massive scales of hundreds of millions of events per day, all on a single, coherent world-wide instance shared by millions of users."

The job ad further highlights the experience with Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services as the key requirement or highly-desirable skill for this endeavour.

Pokemon GO global release update

According to MMO Server Status quoting a reliable source, Pokemon GO is expected to release in Brazil, Chile and Argentina on 31 July. However, there is still no word on the grand Asian release including Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Curious and restless gamers who are unable to login to the game servers may check out the server-outage map via downdetector.com. One can also check the Pokemon GO server stability in the last 24 hours, using this weblink.

Pokemon fans can also verify the release status for Pokemon GO in various countries across the globe using this website, which updates the status in real-time. Those residing in any of the Asian countries may check the game availability using the Reddit thread titled 'Pokemon GO Release Status – Asia'.

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