How to play Pokemon GO in Singapore and other countries before game release

The ultimate guide to play Pokemon GO in any country before the official game release.

Avid Pokemon fans in Singapore and other countries where the game is yet to launch can now download the unofficial APK file and install the same on their Android and iOS devices.

At the moment, the official access to Nintendo's new augmented-reality game is constrained to the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. There is still no word on the official launch date of the game for the rest of the world.

Curious and restless gamers who cannot wait for the official release of the new augmented-reality game can now use our simple step-by-step guide provided below to accomplish the purpose.

Although you could install the game using this unconventional method of using APK files, IBTimes SG will not be held responsible for any data corruption or software issues after installing the package. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.

Note: As you always do with your precious data, please backup all your personal files including photos, videos and documents to an external disk before you continue with the Pokemon GO APK file installation. Any damage caused to your user data while installing third-party APK files cannot be undone. So, you should tread with caution.

For Android users

  • Navigate to Settings > Security and enable the option to allow your device to install and run apps downloaded from third-party or untrusted sources.

Download the Pokemon GO APK file (click to download)

  • Choose the downloaded file and then tap the Install button.

For iOS users

  • Log out of your Apple account on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to settings > General > Language and Region. Now set your local region as US, UK, New Zealand, Japan or Australia.
  • Now launch the App Store and download Pokemon GO.
  • Create a fake or temporary Apple ID for the purpose of logging into Pokemon GO game servers. Choose 'None' in the billing menu and then add a random location name with US, New Zealand, Japan or Australian address.
  • Finally, proceed with the installing Pokemon GO. Once the app officially releases in your country you can start using your original Apple ID to download and reinstall the official gaming app.

Note: Your game data will be saved on the server via cloud storage and hence there is no chance of losing your game progress. You can continue from where you left off after reinstalling the official version of the game.

That's it. You are now ready to play Pokemon GO on your favourite iOS or Android smartphone and embark on your epic adventure capturing Pokemons in the real world.