Pokemon GO global release: Status for Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines revealed, Korea launch next month

Pokemon GO is undergoing several map data changes amid erratic server up-time in the last few days.

Pokemon GO, Nintendo's phenomenally successful augmented-reality game has taken the world by storm as The Pokemon Company and the game developer Niantic are exploring ways to keep their servers stable, ahead of the highly-ancticipated global release including major Asian countries like Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines.

Pokemon GO release update for Asia

According to the latest update on the popular Reddit thread titled 'Pokemon GO Release Status – Asia', the new AR game is showing no signs of official release in several Asian countries including Singapore, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines.

However, speculation is rife that the Korean release will happen in August pending government's decision to allow Nintendo's popular AR game to make use of detailed map data in Korea. Google has failed to acquire full mapping data in Korea for the past several years over concerns of national security raised by the Korean government.

Niantic updates Pokemon GO map data

Meanwhile, Niantic has updated the Pokemon GO map data in several countries across the globe including released and unreleased countries, following various privacy and security concerns raised by its users. Several organisations were asked by the game company to sign up for a petition for the removal of PokeStops in their location.

Niantic has silently removed PokeStops at numerous controversial locations including the 9/11 Memorial Fountain in New York City as confirmed via Fortune Magazine on 27 July. Several players have also clarified that all PokeStops at cemeteries and some businesses were also removed in the US.

The new Pokemon GO map update has also dropped mapping data for parking lots, paths and smaller roads as the AR game has lead to several accidental deaths raising safety concerns among the players across the globe.

Pokemon GO Taiwan release

It is now officially confirmed that the Pokemon GO Taiwan release has been delayed due to patent claims against Niantic over AR mobile-game technology.

Google and Pokemon Trainer Club login-server status

All the game servers across the US, Europe and Asia are looking stable on the Google login account at the time of writing this update. However, the Pokemon Trainer Club login is reading "critical" across all game servers including the US, Europe and Asia as per the latest real-time update posted on the website: ispokemongodownornot.

Chances of successfully placing a Pokemon Lure module

Although the latency and server Up-time for all the three regions is reading "OK" at the time of posting this update, the ability to place Pokemon lure seems to be facing minor issues as its ping status is currently reading around 90% and not 100%. There is a chance that out of every ten attempts you might fail once due to server crashes and peak traffic at the time.

Pokemon GO global release update

Curious and restless gamers who are unable to login to the game servers may check out the server-outage map via downdetector.com. One can also check the Pokemon GO server stability in the last 24 hours, using this weblink.

Pokemon fans can also verify the release status for Pokemon GO in various countries across the globe using this website, which updates the status in real-time.

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