Pokémon GO: Get the complete list of new Raid Bosses here

Check out the full list of new Raid Bosses on Pokémon GO!

Pokémon GO is getting a relatively huge revamp in the Raids as the bosses within each level have been modified. Niantic Labs has added a couple of new Raid Bosses and removed some of the old ones.

What has remained unchanged are a number of bosses in Tier 3 and Tier 4. While there have been no full details on Tier 3 and Tier 4 bosses, here is a complete list of new Raid Bosses on Pokémon GO:

Level 1 bosses

  • Ivysaur – CP 5238
  • Metapod – CP 1534
  • Charmeleon – CP 5038
  • Wartortle – CP 4503

Level 2 bosses

  • Magneton – CP 14172
  • Sableye – CP 8266
  • Sandslash – CP 12312
  • Tentacruel – CP 12190
  • Marowak – CP 9891
  • Cloyster – CP 15678

Level 3 bosses

  • Ninetales – CP 14914
  • Scyther – CP 17358
  • Omastar – CP 18915
  • Porygon – CP 11419

Level 4 bosses

  • Poliwrath – CP 24247
  • Victrebell – CP 23780
  • Golem – CP 30572
  • Nidoking – CP 24873
  • Nidoqueen – CP 23216

Based on the list, the rarest bosses are the most powerful ones, including Porygon, Golem and Omastar. Recent predictions suggest Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 bosses could be defeated by a single trainer alone. Given Golem's combat power at 30527, the boss and his kind at Tier 4 might need a tag team to successfully take them down.

In the meantime, the recent events held by Niantic seem to upset the Pokémon GO community in a way. The game developer has announced the exciting events in South Korea and Japan in a bid to draw in more players from the region.

Some of the prizes up for grabs include increased spawn rates and rare Pokémon as part of the Safari Event. In addition, trainers in the region also get another shot at the Legendary birds: Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno.

Niantic has reportedly been hard at work, with all its attention on South Korea and Japan at the moment. This particularly caused jealousy among other players erstwhile. Nevertheless, there are still lots of things to expect from the company as the year comes close to an end. Trainers just have to wait and see.