Pokémon GO 1.51.1 for iOS, 0.81.1 for Android now available

Pokémon GO 1.51.1 for iOS and 0.81.1 for Android are the latest update that you can get here.

pokemon go update
The Pokemon GO app for Android as seen on a phone, Jul y 7, 2016 (Eduardo Woo/Flickr)

The latest Pokémon GO update for both Android and iOS devices are now up for download.Pokémon GO 0.81.1 for Android and Pokémon GO 1.51.1 for iOS bring in similar bug fixes and performance updates and a big surprise that Niantic Labs did not announce.

Niantic has officially released a new version of the Pokémon GO app for devices under the mobile operating systems. Although the game developer did not go into details as to what constitutes the new Pokémon GO builds, pieces of notes have been made available.

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On top of all minor bug fixes and performance improvements, Niantic resolved a bug that preventing trainers from powering up Pokémon to their maximum combat power and another bug that caused trainers' contributions to reset when re-joining a Raid Battle.

What Niantic did not mention, however, is the arrival of new Pokémon creatures. Data miners have found out some juicy details on the latest update of what's to come next for the augmented reality game.

In fact, 3D models for Ho-Oh and Celebi can now be grabbed on Pokémon GO. Both Pokémon are hitting the phenomenal game for the first time.

Ho-Oh is the last Legendary Pokemon from the first two generations of Pokémon titles, while Celebi is a Mythical Pokemon. Interestingly, the Halloween event has not wrapped up yet which could mean that it is about to end now as the new Pokemon have arrived.

The update arrives over the air or through APK and IPA files. If the update has not reached an Android device yet, users can opt to manually install the update via this Pokemon GO APK file from APK Mirror.

This article was first published on November 3, 2017