Pokemon GO: Five best Pokemon for attacking Gym

IBTimes SG explores the five best Pokemon that you can capture or evolve for attacking any Gym in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has been Nintendo's resounding success in the world of augmented-reality gaming as its players are finding newer tricks and cheats to beat the game. Capturing and defending Gyms for your team Red, Blue or Yellow, is part of the key objectives in the game after your trainer reaches level 5 ranking.

Those who are finding it hard to capturing a Gym can now use the following guide to evolve the five best Pokemon for attacking a Gym. However, your Trainer level should be at least 10+ in order to catch, evolve and create strongest Pokemons with high Combat Power (CP) in the game.

Flying and Dragon Type: Dragonite (Max CP – 3500)

Dragonite is an extremely rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO and it has the highest CP compared to other Pokemons in the game. You need at least 100 Dragonair Candies to evolve Dragonite. You can hunt for those candies in Water area.

Normal Type: Snorlax (Max CP – 3112)

Snorlax is known to be the best Pokemon for Gym Defense as suggested by the veterans of the community who acquired him while using the 10k egg. Its maximum Combat Power or CP is 3112 points.

Fire Type: Arcanine (Max CP – 2983)

Arcanine is reportedly the strongest fire-type Pokemon in the game and it grows from Growlithe when exposed to a Fire Stone. Arcanine can be evolved or developed when you have at least 50 Growlith Candies in your inventory. It has a maximum CP of 2983 points.

Grass Type: Exeggutor (Max CP – 2955)

Exeggutor is a dual type Grass/Psychic Pokemon and an ideal monster to defend the Gym after capturing it. It can be evolved and powered up from Exeggcute.

If you are lucky, you might find an Exeggcute spawning in your area or some surrounding locations early in the game.

Fire Type: Magmar (Max CP – 2265)

Magmar is a rare Fire type Pokemon that can be found in random areas around your location. As its body is coloured primarily in Red and Yellow, it can easily camouflage when exposed to fire.

Magmar can be useful for both attacking and defending a Gym in your real-world location.