Pokemon GO: 'FastPokeMap' map tracker returns from the dead

FastPokeMap, the popular map tracker for Pokemon GO will be revived this weekend.

FastPokeMap - Pokemon GO map tracker service

Avid Pokemon GO fans are in for some good news as the developers of popular Pokemon GO map tracker 'FastPokeMap' have managed to revive it, after Niantic's recent ban on it. The game maker had earlier accused that the map trackers abuse the spirit of the game and hence must be flagged.

FastPokeMap - Pokemon map-tracker-service status revealed

The return of FastPokeMap could be a blessing in disguise, especially in the aftermath of declining popularity for Nintendo's smash-hit augmented-reality game in recent times. The developers of the map tracker app have retaliated Niantic's efforts claiming that the game maker's attempts at blocking third-party tweaks through the game's API as the root cause for its untimely demise.

It is further alleged that the latest changes made to the Pokemon GO API has not only kept the tinkerers and tweakers at bay, but also disabled users with older Android phones from accessing the game.

Here is what the devs unleashed in their PokeBomb against Niantic's ungainly efforts:

Listen to your community and open the api. You can still save Pokemon GO. We'll keep reversing your game as long as your game is popular.

FastPokeMap will continue to come back no matter how hard you try to kill it.

But if you keep trying to kill it don't be surprised if soon there won't be anyone playing your game anymore.

The enormous requirement of memory and bandwidth to keep the GPS running on smartphones has become a major setback for Nintendo's popular AR-game. The devs deem it as a massive waste of resources and battery power to keep the game running without external aids like the Pokemon map tracker tools.

Although Niantic seems least perturbed by the tiny threats from dev teams, the lack of freedom to improve gameplay experience could actually spell the doom's day for the future prospects of Pokemon GO.

The game is already at the verge of death and any attempts to restrict seamless-gameplay could be catastrophic, leading to its eventual downfall.

Curious and restless gamers can check the status of FastPokeMap and determine if it's usable, using the link here.