Pokemon GO coming to Europe and Asia soon

Official sources confirm that Nintendo's new augmented-reality game will hit Europe and Asia in the next few days.

Pokemon GO has been an instant hit across the globe following its highly-anticipated release on 6 July in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the US. Avid Pokemon fans across the world where the augmented-reality game is yet to officially release have been clamouring for the quick availability of the game while restless gamers have resorted to unofficially accessing the game through third-party APK files.

Nevertheless, there is some great news for aspiring Pokemon hunters in Europe, Japan and other countries as sources close to Wall Street Journal have confirmed the availability of Pokemon GO in Europe and Asia in the next few days.

Amid the hype and chaos surrounding Nintendo's biggest game release till date, the new augmented-reality game has topped the popularity chart of mobile games ever since its launch.

Niantic Labs, the game developer has been caught off guard with its game servers struggling to cope up with peak traffic as its overloaded systems have been reportedly causing app crashes, besides frequent and unexpected server-disconnections. Consequently, the Pokemon Company has resorted to temporary suspension of the game's rollout in the remaining countries.

Nintendo's stock prices shoot up

In related news, Nintendo's stock prices have shot up to nearly $28 billion after booking a surplus market value of $9 billion in the wake of Pokemon GO's runaway success story across the globe.

Pokefans petition Niantic for Intel Atom chipset support

In a strange development, Pokefans have allegedly filed a petition asking Niantic Labs to make Pokemon GO compatible with Intel Atom chips as the chipset maker has decidedly started phasing out its investment from the mobile market.

No Pokemon GO for Windows smartphones

Windows smartphone users are also left out in the wild as Nintendo has officially confirmed that they will not release Pokemon GO for Windows mobile OS at the moment.