Planet Nine may not be a planet but a mysterious black hole; Scientists stumble upon new details

Planet Nine
Representative Image of Planet Nine Wikipedia

Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that an alleged killer space body which they call Planet Nine or Planet X is lurking at the edges of the solar system. As per these conspiracy theorists, this rogue space body, popularly known as Nibiru among doomsday mongers will one day hit the earth causing devastation on a global scale.

Adding up the heat to these theories, a team of scientists led by Michael Brown, a Caltech professor had suggested that the weird behavior of objects in the Kuiper belt could be the result of the gravitational force exerted by this giant unknown space body.

But now, another study report has suggested that Planet Nine assumed to be lurking at the edge of the solar system may not be a planet at all, but could be a primordial black hole. The study report titled 'What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole?' which is now available in the journal arXiv suggests that primordial black holes are ancient small black holes that were formed very soon after the Big Bang.

As per experts, these mysterious space bodies were formed due to the density fluctuations in the early universe. Primordial black holes with less mass might have evaporated in the course of time, and the black holes with large mass might be still existing in the darkness of the space. Experts believe that the alleged Planet Nine could be such a black hole, and it might be the reason why it remained undetected, apart from signaling signs of its existence.

"We take these objects to be primordial black holes (PBHs) and point out the orbits of TNOs would be altered if one of these PBHs was captured by the Solar System, inline with the Planet 9 hypothesis. Capture of a free floating planet is a leading explanation for the origin of Planet 9 and we show that the probability of capturing a PBH instead is comparable," wrote the researchers in the study report.

However, space experts believe that more studies should be carried out to determine this mysterious object to determine whether it is a black hole or a planet.