Plagiarism Controversy Surrounds Jungkook's Solo Hit 'Seven': BIGHIT Breaks Silence

composer named Yang Joon-young accused the song of being copied from another song called "Time of Mask" by Fin KL

After popular K-Pop band BTS's Golden Macnae Jungkook released his solo song "Seven," it became a topic of discussion again. This time, it's because a composer named Yang Joon-young accused the song of being copied from another song called "Time of Mask" by Fin KL. In response, BTS's company, BIGHIT, decided to speak up about the issue and released a statement on Tuesday to address these claims.


BIGHIT Addresses Allegations of Plagiarism Surrounding Jungkook's Song "Seven"

Recent reports have brought to light assertions that BTS idol Jungkook's solo song "Seven" may have drawn inspiration from the song "Time of Mask" by Fin KL, thus sparking allegations of plagiarism. In response to these claims, BIGHIT, the agency representing BTS, has stepped forward to clear the air. According to a report from Soompi, the agency emphatically denied any infringement of copyright in relation to Jungkook's song "Seven."

Unraveling the Context: "Seven" by Jungkook

For those unfamiliar with the context, "Seven" stands as the latest solo endeavor by BTS idol Jungkook. The song has been making remarkable strides on various musical charts, consistently breaking records along the way, including a recent ascent to the pinnacle of the Billboard charts. In fact, just four weeks ago, "Seven" secured its position as the "first leader on the lists for a member of BTS as a soloist," as recognized by Billboard.

Impressive Achievements and Milestones

The success of "Seven" has been underscored by its exceptional performance on streaming platforms. The track has surged past the 400 million streams milestone on Spotify, an accomplishment that cements its popularity. Notably, "Seven" has also established itself as the third-fastest song overall to attain this milestone, with only Miley Cyrus' "Flowers" and Harry Styles' "As It Was" surpassing it.

"Seven" was officially unleashed on July 14, 2023, with Jungkook lending his captivating vocals to the composition. Additionally, the track features a collaboration with Latto, adding to its dynamic appeal.

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