Pizza Delivery Driver Fired, Assaulted by Owner for Wearing BLM Mask in Milwaukee [VIDEO]

The delivery driver, Patrick McVey, was the one cited for disorderly conduct after police arrived at the scene following the altercation

A pizza delivery driver was fired from his job for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask and then assaulted by the owner after finding out he's being recorded in a video that is making waves on social media.

The video was uploaded by the driver,Patrick McVey, on YouTube along with a caption stating that he was working as an independent contractor for Rosati's Chicago Pizza on Oklahoma Ave in Bayview, Milwaukee until he was told he was being let go because he refused to take off his BLM mask while on the job.

'You Can't Wear That'

The restaurant owner
The owner of the restaurant in a still from the video that was shared by Patrick McVey. YouTube

The clip starts off with the owner of the establishment, identified as John, explaining to McVey that he was being fired due to the restaurant's policy.

"As a business owner I have a policy here, no religion, no politics, no swearing," the owner says to McVey. "You can't wear that," he added, referring to his mask, which has the slogan of the racial injustice movement printed across it.

"You can't wear that when you work for me delivering pizzas because people view that as political," he tells McVey. "Just like companies have dress codes any employer has rules and regulations.

McVey tries to reason with the man but he snaps back by saying, "This is my business. I'll run it the way I want." At one point, John asks him, "Are you going to adhere to my rules?"

McVey refuses and is told, "Then you're done!"

'You Are Not Going to Take My Picture'

Patrick McVey
Patrick McVey Twitter

"Cash him out," the owner says before making his way towards the restaurant. McVey follows him with his cellphone pointed in his direction when the owner realizes he's being recorded and is seen trying to grab his phone before he allegedly assaulted McVey, which wasn't filmed on video.

"When we were walking in, I held up my phone and said, 'Thank John,'" McVey told Fox 6. "That's when he lunged at me, and that's when he grabbed my phone and tried to spike it. He grabbed me by the shirt, pulled me, tried to push me out. I wasn't even in the doorway."

"What the fu*ck?! What the fu*k was that?" McVey can be heard saying before the video blacks out. People can be heard intervening and asking both individuals to stop. "Call the police," someone says before John yells, "You are not going to take my picture."

Police arrived on the scene and according to McVey, they took a look at the video and after speaking to both men, gave McVey a ticket for disorderly conduct.

"I wanted him arrested," said McVey. "I wanted to press charges. They didn't do that. They said there wasn't sufficient evidence."