Pittsburgh BLM Protester Caught Drinking Elderly White Couple's Beer, Says It Was Offered to Her

Violent BLM Protesters Scare Away White Diners by Smashing Glasses, Call Them "Embarrassment'.

A group of violent Black Lives Matter protesters were caught harassing diners, including an elderly couple, during a demonstration held in Pittsburgh on Saturday. The angry protesters smashed the glasses and hurled abuses at the white diners, forcing them to flee the venue.

For months now, violent demonstrations, under the umbrella of BLM movement, are raging across the US to protest against the deaths of black Americans at the hands of police. What started as peaceful protest demonstrations following the death of a black man, George Floyd, has taken violent turns at several places.

BLM protester beer
The Black woman gulps down the glass of beer kept on the table of elderly couple. Facebook

Protesters Smash Glasses, Drink Beer of White Diners

A BLM protester is seen approaching an elderly couple sitting outside the Mercato Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, and shouting, "f**k the white people that built this system."

In the disturbing video, which has gone viral on social media, a black woman donning a T-shirt With "Nazi Lives Don't Matter" written on it is seen approaching the couple and grabbing a glass of beer kept on their table. The woman, later identified as Nique Craft, gulps it down in one go before banging down the glass as she leaves.

The other protesters also approach the diners sitting on other tables and start smashing their glasses. Scared, the diners are seen fleeing the spot as protesters jeer loudly at them.

Black Woman says She was Invited to Drink the Beer

Stating that it was the couple who invited her for the beer, Craft told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the elderly woman offered her to come over, have a beer and talk about the situation. "So, being a theatrical, snarky type of person that I am, I said that I don't have time to wait for you to order another beer; I will take the one you have," Craft said.

In yet another video, a black man, carrying a megaphone, is seen abusing the white diners terming them an 'embarrassment'. He then places the microphone close to the ear of a white cyclist and shouts. When the cyclist shoves away the protester's hand, another BLM protester smacks him on his head with a skateboard.

Netizens Left Fuming Over Video Clips

The viral footage has irked many social media users with many terming the BLM protesters as terrorists. Even though the Pittsburgh police has launched an investigation into the issue, no arrests have been made so far, reported Daily Mail.

"These terrorists have no place in Pittsburgh or anywhere in America. They don't care about black lives, they care about chaos," tweeted an angry user.

"More peaceful protest. Hitting close to home. Pittsburgh," expressed a user as other added, "Twitter don't fail us. Who are these two? These two were harassing senior citizens in Pittsburgh, Pa. There is a way to protest. This is not it."

"I just don't understand what the endgame is for this insult, smash and dash style of "protesting". Who is sympathetic to it?" tweeted one.

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