Police in Kentucky arrested a woman after an aggressive pit bull attacked and killed a man. According to reports, Abner, 55, died after being mauled by the dog t his home on Pug Lane in Conway overnight Friday, local media reported.

Authorities said that Melissa Wolke, 38, was arrested for siccing the dog on Abner and refusing to command it to retreat, according to reports. She was charged with murder.

"The way I look at it she used her animal, a pit bull, as a weapon to help her in this altercation," Kentucky State Police trooper Scottie Pennington said, according to WKYT-TV.

Pennington said that this was a case that came first in his 24 years.

Brick Township Police Department
Facebook/Brick Township Police Department

"There's something new every day that happens," he said.

Police said that Wolke and Abner were friends, but it was unclear what the altercation was about. The motive behind the attack remains unknown.

Wolke was also charged with resisting arrest, menacing and public intoxication, online records show. The local coroner said that Abner's cause of death was the dog attack, according to Fox 56 Lexington.

Local media reported that authorities were forced to shoot the canine. The pit bull was taken away in a body bag from the scene.

There have been several incidents in the past when pit bull attacks have turned fatal. However, in this case, the dog was set on the man resulting in the attack and the death of the victim.

Other details about the case remain unknown.