Pit bull puppy set on fire with blowtorch, found injured and bleeding

The puppy was rescued and local police was investigating the incident as the animal received treatment.

3-month-old puppy
Facebook/Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

In a case of animal abuse, a pit bull puppy was set on fire with a blowtorch in New Jersey but the 3-month-old was rescued. The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland said the puppy, named Tyler was one of two dogs believed to have been attacked by a "sicko."

"Tyler was found, injured, burned and bleeding, a week ago," the refuge posted on Facebook on Monday. "A witness saw Tyler and another dog lit on fire, we suspect with a blowtorch."

While the hospital gave no other details into the incident, they said a case has been filed with P Paterson police to find the attacker.

"It is inconceivable that someone could do this to two living, breathing, feeling beings," the animal refuge wrote, adding that their "hearts break" for what Tyler was put through.

"It is even more painful to imagine the fate of the other dog that was lit on fire," the refugee said. In a health update, it added that Tyler was stable and responding well to treatment. The puppy had its , dead skin cut away and was put on fluids. A plasma transfusion may be needed later, the refuge said.

"Tyler is a victim, yes, but he is also a hero as he speaks to the perseverance and forgiving nature of dogs, particularly pit bulls, who are by far the most abused, exploited and misunderstood breed," the post read.

More details about the case are yet to be revealed.