Pictures of Naked Humans to 'Attract' Aliens: NASA to Send Nude Drawings of Man, Woman into Space

Scientists are planning to send naked images of humans to attract and communicate with aliens. The pictures are drawings of a naked man and woman, who are waving. Scientists believe that 'wave action' in the picture could be more positive and approachable to aliens.

The attempts are part of the "NASA's Beacon in the Galaxy" (BITG) project, which aims to communicate with extraterrestrials. They are also planning to send other kinds of messages to any possible alien civilization in the universe.

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Scientists Also Plan to Send Binary-Coded Messages

They also plan to send a binary-coded message to send into the space and believe that these codes can be understood by aliens.

"Though the concept of mathematics in human terms is potentially unrecognizable to extra-terrestrial intelligence, binary is likely universal across all intelligence," the scientists explained in their study, according to the New York Post.

Scientists have pointed out that binary code could be useful as it involves two opposing states: zero and one, yes or no, black or white, mass or empty space.

Human Nudes Were Sent Into Space in 1972

But sending human nudes into space isn't new. Previously in 1972, drawings of naked humans were sent into space. The plaques were attached to the antennas on the crafts and are still sailing away from Earth to this day.

The scientists have also stressed that the proposed binary codes include basic mathematical and physical concepts to establish a universal means of communication.

It is also followed by information on the biochemical composition of life on Earth, the "Solar System's time-stamped position in the Milky Way relative to known globular clusters, as well as digitized depictions of the Solar System," and Earth's surface, according to BITG project.

The message concludes with digitized images of the human form, along with an invitation for any receiving bits of intelligence to respond.

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