Pictures of Epstein's cell and autopsy raise questions about foul play in his death

Graphic images released in a show obtained from the New York Medical Examiner's office analysed the possibility of foul play in the Epstein suicide

The millionaire pedophile who was waiting for his trial for sex trafficking charges was found dead in August last year. The graphic images of the scene were obtained by a media outlet and published on Sunday. The images were taken by New York City medical examiner's office after the death in August.

The disturbing images were analysed by the Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Baden in the overtime show were he said that there were traces of foul play written all across the autopsy. There were several theories and speculations related to his death. The theories came with Epstein being taken off from suicide watch and his cellmate being removed just a little while before his death.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

Yet, Cameron Lindsay, a former warden who has been a part of several federal facilities said in the show that the death was a 'monumental failure' but there was no chance that it could be a murder.

The cell had several nooses fashioned from bed sheets

Baden analysed the report for 60 Minutes and said that there were fractures of the left, the right, thyroid cartilage and the left hyoid bone which he said was unusual in suicidal hanging. Baden said that the unusual part was not the broken bones, but that there were three fractures instead of one or two. The New York City medical office stands by their finding that it is a suicide and not a homicide.

Baden is also questioning various evidences in the report. He says that the noose that was found in the cell didn't match the injuries in his body. The show pointed out that the pictures showed blood in some parts of the cell, while the noose didn't have any trace of the blood.

The pathologist also said that the type of wound that was seen in Epstein's body looked like one from an electric cord and that the injury was in the middle of the neck. Most suicide cases would have the ligature sliding up during the free hanging, but the mark on Epstein's neck was in the middle.

There were electric cords present in the room when the pictures were taken by the medical examiner's office. Baden told Sharyn Alfonsi, the interviewer, that he is hesitant about making a final opinion until the complete evidence is analysed.