Picture of UFO with letters on its body stuns man from Scotland


A man from Inverness, Scotland has apparently captured an image of a UFO hovering across the skies and believes there are letters imprinted on the spacecraft.

The Scottish Sun reported, the eyewitness, Dougie MacDougall has claimed that he spotted the weird object while flicking through some random snaps he took recently. In one of the images, he suddenly spotted a colourful object in the top corner and he believed that it was not a drone nor a cloud.

"We were on our way back to Inverness from Invergordon. We decided to take a shortcut onto the back-roads because the traffic on the A9 was really heavy. And I just stopped the car to get out and take a random photo in the sun. I didn't actually realize there was anything weird until I got home. I was looking through the photos and I couldn't believe my eyes," said Dougie.

In addition, he said that there were some mysterious letters imprinted on the alleged UFO. As per Dougie's claims, the letters imprinted on the spaceship were V and W.

"If you zoom in, you can see the clouds clear as day – so what appears to be a ship in the corner can't possibly be a cloud. I think I can also see mysterious letters going around the ship. If you look really closely, you can see the letters V and W," added Dougie.

The eyewitness also made it clear that his camera does not have any problem, and thus he ruled out the possibility of a glitch creating this object on the image.

As the image went viral on online, conspiracy theorists assured that the image Dougie spotted was an alien spaceship, which might have reached earth's atmosphere from the outer space. However, some people have argued that the object could be a secret military vehicle like the TR-3B.

The report of the new sighting came just hours after a diamond-shaped unidentified flying object was spotted in the skies of Colorado.

This article was first published on May 14, 2018