Apocalypse imminent? Jupiter and Venus exerts gravitational pull on earth

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The blue planet earth follows a remarkable circular trajectory. But sometimes, earth's orbit undergoes slight deviations and a team of geologists have now found that the combined gravitational influence of Jupiter and Venus is behind this phenomenon.

Jupiter and Venus pulling the strings

Micetimesasia reported that Dennis Kent, who is a professor in Rutgers University and the lead author of the study said, "Climatic cycles associated with the impact on our planet of Jupiter and Venus, and major changes occur every 400 thousand years. And these changes, as shown by geological deposits appear stable for hundreds of millions of years. That is celestial mechanics plays a major role in changing the climate, and therefore flora, fauna on the Earth."

This gravitational pull from Jupiter and Venus lasts for at least 215-million-years. Aa per Kent, more studies on this highly predictable celestial model will help to know more about geological changes including climate issues on earth. As this cycle goes back to the Triassic era, it could even expand our knowledge on the evolution of dinosaurs.

Studying more about this celestial model will also help researchers to predict global catastrophes way ahead based on scientific facts.

Gravitational pull and Nibiru

A few months ago, experts in NASA have revealed that there is a ninth planet on the edge of our solar systems and it is slowly pulling its strings. Conspiracy theorists claimed that the space agency has hinted about Planet X alias Nibiru with this new revelation.

According to conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is a killer planet lurking on the edge of our solar system. Proponents of this theory including David Meade claim that mass devastation will happen when Nibiru hit earth with its full fury. Recently, Meade predicted that Nibiru will appear in the skies between May and December 2018.

This article was first published on May 13, 2018