Photos of Texas Fire Chief Eating Sushi on Naked-Body of Woman Go Viral, Probe Ordered

Texas City Manager has ordered an investigation into Texas Fire Chief Charles Hood's objectionable behavior

Photos of Texas fire chief eating Sushi displayed on a naked woman have gone viral on social media. The official is under review for his questionable actions during a firefighter's birthday party. The incident had occurred earlier this year, but the photos started circulating on social media recently.

The news became public when San Antonio Express-News reported that it had got hold of the photos where San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood was seen next to a woman whose body is partially covered with Sushi along with flowers and leaves. Hood is seen posing next to the woman who is lying on a table without any clothes.

Image for representation only. Pixabay

Hood Apologizes But Defends His Actions

In the photos Hood is not in his uniform. He is said to be working as the fire chief since 2007. The photos were from a birthday party of a firefighter who had completed 50 years in January 2020. After the photos became public, the Associated Press quoted Hood as saying, "I certainly didn't intend to offend anyone, and if I did, I sincerely apologize."

Hood is said to have told in a statement that he just walked inside the restaurant and saw a Sushi lady. "I guess it was a business there so I stopped and posed and took a picture. It would be like me taking a picture with a flamenco danger in Vegas or a Spurs dancer at Top Golf where the Spur dances happen to be there," Hood told in a statement.

San Antonio fire department rules do not allow its employees indulge in any action that would show the department in a bad light. Reports claimed that Hood had taken action against many firefighters for questionable behavior.

Officials Take Issue Seriously, Hood Under Probe

The Texas officials have taken the issue seriously and are investigating the matter. News For San Antonio website stated that City Manager Erik Walsh has directed the City Attorney to conduct an independent review of all the facts and circumstances involving the photograph and the event. Walsh is said to have told that this was a serious issue and he would take whatever action necessary. "We all have to be aware that our actions outside of the workplace – good, bad or otherwise – reflect on our entire organization," said Walsh.

Reacting to the news, Mayor Ron Nirenberg also said that he will fully support the investigation. "I am supportive of the investigation and independent review and issue the appropriate discipline at that time, but that photo is clearly counter to what we expect from the values of this organization," Nirenberg said.

The practice of serving Sushi on a naked woman is a part of Japanese Nyotaimori tradition. This service also called "body sushi" or "naked sushi" has been criticized and civil rights and community groups have strongly opposed this practice stating that it objectifies women's bodies.