Viral: Here is How Nambu's Youngest Firefighter Risked Life to Save Baby From Massive Ulsan Fire

Kim Geun Hwan brought the child down to safety from the 21st floor in just two minutes. The child had inhaled smoke and was struggling to breathe by then

Youngest firefighter of Nambu's Fire Department is being hailed for his timely action that saved a baby from the massive fire that broke out at 33-storey building in Ulsan, South Korea recently. Though the fire broke out on the night of October 8, this particular incident of firefighter risking his life to save an infant has come to light now.

Firefighters were trying to evacuate the residents trapped inside the building that went under a massive fire that broke out in the 12th floor and within minutes spread to the entire building around 11 p.m. Lee Hyung Woo, team leader of the Fire Department of Nambu was working with Kim Geun Hwan, youngest member of the team in evacuating residents in the apartments above 20 floors.

Kim Geun Hwan
Kim Geun Hwan, youngest firefighter saved a child and mother from massive fire in Ulsan. YouTube screengrab/Instagram

Child, Mother Choking Due to Smoke

They saw a mother struggling to hold her baby due to the smoke, running down from the 22nd floor to 21st floor. The mother ran out of the house in a hurry and was not even wearing her shoes. Team leader Lee ordered Kim to take care of the child. Kim immediately rushed to the woman and took the baby from her hands and started running down.

The child was struggling to breathe as it had inhaled a lot of smoke and thus Kim ran as fast as he could and brought the child to the ground from the 21st floor within two minutes. The child was taken to the ambulance service waiting outside the apartment and was administered medical service.

The 19-year-old Kim had more than 20 kg of equipment, including oxygen bottles and fire extinguishing equipment on him when he carried the child to safety. Then, he rushed inside the apartment with another oxygen tank for the mother. He also helped the mother get oxygen support and got her out of the burning apartment safely.

When the child was in Kim's arms the only thing he could think of was to bring the baby outside of the building safely. "I'm glad the baby made it out safely. I think having nephews and nieces to carry around helped me carry the baby bit easier because I'm used to carrying babies," reported Allkpop, as told by Kim.

How Fire Broke Out in Ulsan Building

He also explained how residents helped him get the baby out of apartment safely. The stairs of the building were filled with residents trying to run out to safety. But seeing the firefighter carrying the baby, they all made room for him. He thanked all the residents who helped him and each other while evacuating.

The timely action of the firefighters helped Ulsan fire accident end without any casualties. Residents of the building and the nearby buildings also helped firefighters in getting, those stranded inside the building, out safely.

Nearly 50 residents of the building ran to the terrace when the fire broke out. They were all later rescued. At least 88 people who suffered minor injuries and suffocation due to the smoke were rushed to the hospital.

The Nambu department received a report of fire at 11.14 p.m. on October 8. Residents of the 12th floor in the building complained that they could see flames on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner from their window. Firefighters are said to have arrived at the spot within five minutes.