Philippines tops ranking for unhappy drivers

The 2017 Waze Driver Satisfaction Index ranks the Philippines as worst place for a driver.

philippines worst place for drivers
Local business leaders say that many improvements are still needed in Davao, where public transport is lacking and the drainage system considered inadequate (Lean Daval Jr/Reuters)

The Philippines has emerged on top among 39 countries to have least satisfied drivers, reveals navigation service Waze. Traffic and socioeconomic factor cause drivers in the country unhappy. Meanwhile, the Netherlands ranks as the best place for drivers.

The 2017 Waze Driver Satisfaction Index ranks the Philippines as the worst place to be a driver. Among other 38 countries, the island nation has the most number of unhappy drivers due to heavy traffic jam and the lack of accessibility to cars and high gas prices.

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Waze users from the top 39 countries with most number of monthly active users rate their driving experience in six key factors on a scale from 1 (unhappy) to 10 (satisfying). These factors include traffic (density and severity of traffic), quality (road quality and infrastructure), road safety (density of reported accidents, road hazards and weather), driver services (access to gas stations and easy parking) socioeconomic (access to cars and impact of gas prices) and Wazeyness (happiness and helpfulness of the Waze community).

The Philippines has an average score of 3.02. Rounding out the top five worst places for drivers are Dominican Republic (3.35), El Salvador (3.56), Indonesia (3.71) and Russia (3.78).

2017 waze driver satisfaction index
2017 Waze Driver Satisfaction Index (Waze)

In the Asia Pacific Region, Malaysia and Australia have a better experience for drivers. Singapore ranks 30th, still in the top 10 dissatisfied drivers.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands rakes in a 7.90 score, making it the best place to drive. Rounding out the first five best countries for drivers are France (7.85), the US (7.55), Czech Republic (7.49) and Belgium (7.41). Overall, eight European countries, including Slovakia, Sweden, Spain and Hungary, are in the top 10 best places for drivers, making Europe the best region to drive around.