Philippines: Filipinos more attracted to iPhone 6 than iPhone X, study finds

According to iPrice Group, the price could be the primary factor why Filipinos seem to be more drawn to iPhone 6 than iPhone X and iPhone 8.

iphone x philippines
An attendee uses the Face ID function on the new iPhone X during a presentation for the media in Beijing, China October 31, 2017 (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

Kuala Lumpur-based e-commerce aggregator iPrice Group has conducted a comparative analysis on the popularity of Apple's iPhone devices in the Philippines on Google Search. One of its findings reveals Filipinos have fleeting interest towards newly-launched devices, particularly the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The analysis uncovers a few interesting points when it comes to regional interest in these devices. Apple's 2014 flagship smartphone iPhone 6 turns out to be more popular in 11 of 14 regions in the country than newer counterparts, even days after their debut on September 13.

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Some low-earning regions such as Bicol Region, Ilocos Region and Cordillera Region have more interest in newer models. Highest earning regions like Metro Manila (National Capital Region) and Davao Region are more interested in iPhone 6.

"Bicol Region is the single region interested only in iPhone 8 while Cordillera and Ilocos Regions both show the same interest level for iPhone 7 (Cordillera Region) and iPhone 8 (Ilocos Region) aside from iPhone 6," reads the findings.

The iPhone X became the most popular iPhone model on Google Search Philippines from the day it was announced until September 15. The iPhone 6 was the most popular days before September 13 and regained the top spot from September 16 to 27.

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(iPrice Group)

In obtaining the data, iPrice used keyword searching on Google Trends with terms like "price of iPhone 5", "price of iPhone 6", "price of iPhone 7", "price of iPhone 8" and "price of iPhone X". Included dates in the analysis span from August 27 until September 27.

The trend in this analysis is indicative of price as the primary factor why Filipinos seem to be more drawn to older iPhone models. According to the 2015 Family Income and Expenditure Survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority, the average family income of Filipinos is estimated at PHP22,000 (US$429) per month.

The iPhone X is not yet available in the Philippines but is estimated to hit shelves for about PHP51,000 (US$999). Retail iPhone 8 price in the country is PHP39,990 (US$780).