Peter Idolized the Sandy Hook shooter
Peter Idolized the Sandy Hook shooter

Even as the Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined in the massive hunt for Peter Manfredonia, the 23-year-old University of Connecticut student, it is now emerging that he idolized his 'neighbor' Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.

Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania state police are looking for Peter Manfredonia, besides the local police departments in Derby and Ansonia. The 23-year-old resident from Sandy Hook has been on the run since May 22 after killing an army veteran who offered him a lift.

Peter Manfredonia

The Connecticut killer Peter Manfredonia reportedly has had mental issues and many of his mates had reported him to the authorities.

Several videos and pictures of the chilling message that Peter Mandredonia left on the wall of his bedroom seem to imply that he idolized the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza.

The images of the bedroom walls of Peter Manfredonia reflect a frenzied and tormented mind of a man who was close to a breaking point.

Peter Manfredonia

"We saw what happened when Adam snapped,' Peter had written on the wall before adding "Now they see what happens when I snap."

The 23-year-old Peter Manfredonia, who is now among the most wanted in the FBI list, grew up near Adam Lanza and they were practically dubbed 'neighbors' by Newtown locals, according to YC.News.

The Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities on Monday released a new surveillance photo of Peter Manfredonia that shows him walking along railroad tracks carrying a large duffel bag in which he keeping several stolen guns.

Peter Manfredonia
Recent images of Peter Manfredonia released by Connecticut State Police. Facebook / Connecticut State Police

Police describe Peter Manfredonia as 6'3" 240 lbs, last seen wearing a white shirt and black shorts. He is carrying a duffle bag filled with guns and shotguns.

Peter Manfredonia began his spree of murder and mayhem on Friday morning in an attack on a dirt road in Willington, Connecticut, that left a 62-year-old dead and another man seriously injured, state police said. The army veteran had offered lift to Peter.

He is also suspected in the killing of a 23-year-old man and abducting his girlfriend in the town of Derby, Conn., on Sunday. He later released the hostage.

Police say Manfredonia stole firearms and a truck during a home invasion in Willington.