Peter Dante: 'Waterboy' Star Caught on Video Berating Restaurant Hostess Who Denied Him Entry For Not Wearing a Mask

Peter Dante, best known for his appearances in a slew of Adam Sandler movies, including The Waterboy, Big Daddy and 50 First Dates, is grabbing headlines after causing a scene at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Dante, 53, was captured on camera berating the restaurant hostess after being denied entry into the establishment for refusing to wear a face mask.

Peter Dante
Peter Dante (left) and in a still from the video that is circulating on social media. YouTube

'You're Garbage'

In video footage obtained by TMZ, the actor entered the Koreatown restaurant without a mask on and was denied a table by the hostess who was enforcing the eatery's "No Mask No Entry" policy. He is seen getting in the face of the hostess, calling her "garbage" and a "c*nt" before demanding to speak to the manager.

"You know you're garbage right?" he said. "Go back to the f*ck you go back to school. Where's your boss? Yeah, where's your boss? Bring your boss over here right now."

While waiting for the manager, he loses his cool on another staff member. The video shows him wearing a t-shirt and what appears to be pajama pants with a cannabis leaf-print.

The two continue their back and forth before he eventually walks away. The hostess was reportedly nearly in tears after the incident. Watch the video below:

History of Bad Behavior

This isn't the first time Dante has caused a scene. In September, the actor was arrested for allegedly threatening his neighbor's life over noisy construction. According to TMZ, Dante also threatened the neighbor's wife and kids. He was taken into custody on charges of making felony criminal threats but posted bail and was released.

In 2013, he was removed from a hotel in L.A. after allegedly making racial remarks and threatening people's lives. After Dante got mad, he reportedly called a staff member the n-word and a slur for a gay person at the J.W. Marriott in Santa Monica. Staffers didn't know who he was and didn't get him an extra room key.

"You better tell this n**ga to give me my fucking room key before I f*ck him up ... he clearly doesn't know who the f*ck I am," he reportedly said to a black staffer. "N**ga, do you know who I am? I'm a black belt, and you're a black person. I will f*ck you up."