PETA Sparks Outrage After Sharing 'Horrifying' Cat Photo as Cake Meme [GRAPHIC]

Some users also accused PETA of hypocrisy for euthanizing hundreds of animals it takes in at its shelters every year.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has come under fire over a graphic Twitter post that shows the dissection of a cat as an "Everything is Cake" meme that is taking over the internet.

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Last week, the incredibly life-like work of Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil, who shares her work on Instagram, was posted by Buzzfeed's food website, Tasty. Her stunning collection of cakes that look like real-life objects include a Croc shoe, a roll of toilet paper, a coconut and even a pepperoni pizza.

Geckil's ultra-realistic desserts have since gone viral on social media, spurring memes of people wondering, what if everything is cake? It didn't take long for users to flood Twitter with hilarious images and posts of their struggle with the new reality. Here are some of the posts:

PETA Under Fire Over 'Horrifying' Post

As the viral trend gained traction on social media, PETA shared an image of a cat's face cut into half on its Twitter account. "Not cake," the animal rights organization tweeted along with a heartbreak emoji and the hashtag #CutOutDissection.

PETA instantly drew criticism over the post, with users calling out the organization for jumping on the "cake meme" bandwagon by posting a graphic and traumatizing photo of a decapitated cat.

"If PETA out of all organizations is going to show actual cat gore and utilising a new video-meme format for their own gain. You are doing something extremely horrifying," commented another.

"Literally showed a cat being cut in half irl and compared it to the f**king cake meme," and "I HAVE A CAT I ALMOST F**KING CRIED," were among the other reactions to PETA's post.

"Gonna have to unfollow you guys, another user commented on the post. "I agree these things shouldn't happen. I'm vegan and very eco-conscious in my lifestyle but I don't need to see these kinds of shock tactics while supporting you guys. There are also kids following your account so maybe think before posting please."

PETA responded to the user by saying, "Remember, as disturbing as it is to see this abuse, we only have to look at the pictures—the animals have to live it. They will have truly died in vain if they die without anyone documenting their suffering and shouting the injustice of it to the world."

Some even shared videos of cute kittens to help people get over PETA's "disturbing" post.

Meanwhile, others accused PETA of hypocrisy for euthanizing hundreds of animals it takes in at its shelters every year.