'Pervert' Gayle King Talks About Author Roger Bennett's 'Small Penis' During Live Show;Gets Slammed on Social Media

Gayle King was slammed after she inquired about a guest's 'tiny penis' during a segment on her show 'CBS This Morning'. The incident involving author Roger Bennett happened when he was talking about his recent memoir, (Re)born in the USA: An Englishman's Love Letter to His Chosen Home.

Bennett, who spoke about his experience on becoming a US citizen, said, "You see people who have crawled through deserts, survived civil war, escaped turmoil driven by the idea of America, you know that that idea of America in the world shines so brightly. Drives people, gives them incredible courage and joy. That's my message for your Independence Day," said the author.

gayle King
TV Host Gayle King and author Roger Bennett. Twitter

Gayle King Mentions Bennett Being a 'Late Bloomer'

During the show, Bennett read the excerpts from his book. "This book is a love letter to America written by a gent who came of age with the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline painted as a mural on his bedroom wall and ended up moving here. And for whom the act of becoming an American citizen is the single greatest achievement of my life," he said.

Towards the end of the segment, Bennett who appeared quite emotional, said, "Quite a lot to watch that," to which Gayle commented, "So beautiful."

However, it was soon followed by Gayle asking the author about his penis. "Something that's not so beautiful, you write on page 56 you were a late bloomer with a tiny child penis that looked like a ball spigot."

"Some things don't change Gayle," Bennett said despite looking surprised, "America can change many things, Gayle," he went on to add.

Social Media in Fury About Gayle's Comment

The comments did not go down well with the netizens, who went on to slam King for her comments. "So beautiful. It's so beautiful," Gayle King said before immediately bringing up "something that's not so beautiful. You write on page 56 you were a 'late bloomer with a tiny child penis that looked like a ball spigot.'" OH MY WORD. They are obsessed w/ normalizing pedophilia," wrote a Twitter user.

"The author is a Britt who became a citizen here, and this is what that cow brings up!" wrote another.

"Maybe @GayleKing should be put on a sexual pervert list. Pedophile ? The nicest ppl turn out to have a deviant perverse behavior Save & protect our children ! WHY would anyone talk about "child penis," opined a user.

"Welp. I certainly didn't think I would wake up to hear Gayle King tell me about Rog's "tiny child penis" today... but here we are," read another tweet.