People Are Scared Of Big Boobs Says Billie Eilish, After Losing 100,000 Followers Over Instagram Photo

Singing sensation and Instagram celebrity Billie Eilish has just lost over a hundred thousand followers. You must be wondering why. Well, the songstress recently took to her social media account to post a sexy photo, which instead of entertaining her fans left them ditching her forever.

The popstar, 19, claimed that the unfollows on her account took place because of her breasts. Eilish featured in the cover story of Elle magazine's October issue where she expressed her sense of style and body image issues to Molly Lambert's 'Billie Eilish Is Calling the Shots' story.

According to Lambert's story, "Even the simple act of getting dressed has posed challenges for Eilish, who spent the early years of her career honing a silhouette specifically designed to deflect attention from her body." Eilish opened up about being criticised for her body as well as for her dating life. She said that it's very dehumanising and that it hurts her soul to see people slamming her on social media.

Eilish has been popular for her experiments with fashion. From rocking revealing gowns to wearing funky trousers, Eilish has taken her fashion game to the next level. However, it seems to have upset netizens as she particularly received flak for wearing a corset on the Vogue cover, according to the published interview in Elle.

Billie Eilish
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'People Are Scared of Big Boobs,' Says Eilish

The Happier Than Ever singer ​also expressed that she understands why some fans expect her to remain suspended. "I lost 100,000 followers, just because of the boobs. People are scared of big boobs," the Lost Cause singer added. The photo for which she had to deal with hate comments posted by social media followers is a photo of herself in a corset with a tomato print. Some even called her a mommy in their comments on the controversial post on Instagram.

Some Instagram Comments on Billie Eilish's Huge Bust

"Billie Eilish : i hate showing my body lines..
Me : Ohh, okay
Billie Eilish: If I dye my hair any color other than green, I'm not Billie
Me : Ok, ok then who are you now... ._."

"Shame on you I loved you but now I hate you for supporting the Israeli occupation...Unfollow"

"I don't understand why before she didn't want to show her body so as not to "be judged" but now she does. . . Now I feel that hypocritical phrase? ... without offending it just makes me weird"

"@billieeilish so disappointed you promoted yourself to the apartheid state Israel"

Meanwhile, giving more insight into her thoughts, Eilish said that the other day, she decided to wear a tank top, which wasn't provocative. However, she knew what people are going to say. "Holy f**k, she's dressing sexy and trying to make a statement. And I'm like, 'No, I'm not. It's 500 degrees and I just want to wear a tank top," she added.