Déjà vu: People are 'Dropping Dead' in Wuhan Again as Second Wave of Outbreak Hits City

Video footage has emerged of a man lying collapsed on the ground and authorities sealing residential compounds as a second wave of coronavirus infections are reported in Wuhan.

A new cluster of infections has recently erupted in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic first emerged, prompting authorities to start a mass screening campaign to test the city's 11 million strong population and lock down parts of the city

Now, some disturbing video footage has emerged from the metropolis showing a man lying collapsed on the ground minutes before he was declared dead, sparking fears of a second large-scale outbreak in the city after more than a month of zero cases.

Man Collapses, Dies Minutes Later

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng took to Twitter to share video footage of a man who appears to have collapsed on the street possibly due to an infection from the virus. The video shows the man, dressed in a yellow t-shirt and shorts, lying on his back on the ground while being surrounded by members of the public and law enforcement.

The man collapsed while working out in a public park in Hankou, Wuhan, and died minutes later, as pointed out by Zeng. "A video uploaded on May 11 shows a man in his fifties collapsed while doing exercises in Yuanyang Corner in Zhongshan Park in Hankou, #Wuhan, #China," she wrote. "He was declared dead 15 minutes later when the ambulance arrived."

According to the Epoch Times, bystanders maintained their distance from the man due to fears of getting infected by the deadly pathogen. The publication also obtained the full video of the incident, in which healthcare professionals donning protective suits can be seen trying to resuscitate the man.

In January, similar footage of infected men and women dropping on the streets "like flies" had emerged out of Wuhan, before the deadly COVID-19 virus spread rampantly around the world and evolved into a global pandemic that has infected more than 4.4 million people and claimed over 300,000 lives around the world.

State of Panic in Wuhan

Wuhan Coronavirus
People in Wuhan can be seen wearing masks in public. Twitter / Imran Iftikhar

Wuhan reported a cluster of infections over the last weekend, the first since a virtual lockdown on the city was lifted on April 8, raising fears of a second wave. The latest infections were previously asymptomatic cases, in other words people who had the virus but showed no symptoms such as a fever.

The new wave of the outbreak in Wuhan has caused a state of panic across the city with authorities locking down entire compounds. A separate video shared by Zeng shows workers setting up steel panels in front of the entrance to a residential compound, where 180 people tested positive for the coronavirus.

"They fully sealed the [Sanmin] residential compound with steel panels. The authorities are very extreme! I can't understand," a Wuhan resident told the Epoch Times. A resident in Sanmin residential compound told the publication that no one in the compound was allowed to leave the premises and everyone must remain indoors.

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