Pentagon gives dire warning to enemies as coronavirus grips country

The Pentagon made it clear that the US military is still powerful even in the midst of coronavirus outbreak, and they will do everything to protect interests of Americans


The United States is one of those countries that is badly affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and as per the latest updates, the virus has killed more than 19,000 people in the country. As the United States is trying hard to contain the pandemic outbreak, the Pentagon has made it clear that coronavirus killing spree has not weakened the nation.

A dire warning from Pentagon

The Pentagon warned enemies of the United States to stop testing the country's patience and added that the viral outbreak has not affected the strength of the nation. Targeted at North Korea, which is still testing its missile arsenal, the message is apparently aimed at them as Iran, the other hostile nation that US suspects to be developing nuclear weapons, is already battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

"We're still capable and we're still ready no matter what the threat. I wouldn't want any mixed messages going out there to any adversaries that they can take advantage of an opportunity, if you will, at a time of crisis. That would be a terrible and tragic mistake if they thought that," said Joint Chief Chairman Mark Milley during an internet broadcast.

It should be noted that the United States military has been very transparent in unveiling the numbers of servicemen who got affected by Coronavirus. As of now, 1,898 service members had confirmed cases of COVID-19, and this list includes, 389 soldiers, 367 airmen, 164 Marines, 597 sailors, and 381 National Guard members.

Milley added the US military is still very much capable, and he made it clear that all measures will be taken to defend the interests of American people.

Chinese involvement in the pandemic outbreak

In the meantime, a section of netizens has again started arguing that China is responsible for spreading coronavirus in all nooks of the globe. As per these conspiracy theorists, this deadly pathogen might have been leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and China has been trying to coverup this fact deliberately for the past few months. It should be noted that this laboratory in Wuhan is home to 1,500 strains of deadly viruses, and this institute is specialized in researching these dangerous pathogens.

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