Pennsylvania Teenager Fatally Shot by Hunter While Watching Sunset with Girlfriend in Park

Jason Kutt was sitting by the edge of the lake near the entrance of Nockamixon State Park when he was struck by a gunshot in the back of the neck.

An 18-year-old Pennsylvania man was fatally shot while he was watching the sunset with his girlfriend in a park, authorities said on Monday. Police believe that the shot that killed the teenager was possibly fired by a hunter, who was spotted nearby moments before the incident. The teenager was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead.

Police have already started an investigation following the death of the high school graduate. Police are yet not sure if the shooting was intentional or not and so far have failed to trace any persons of interests. No arrests have been made yet and help from locals are also being solved to track the suspected shooter.

Dead Mysteriously

Jason Kutt
Jason Kutt was rushed to hospital where he died on Monday Bucks County District Attorney's office

Jason Kutt was sitting with his girlfriend by the edge of the lake near the entrance of Nockamixon State Park along Old Ridge Road around 5.15 pm on Saturday when he was suddenly struck by a gunshot in the back of the neck, according to Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub. "They were just a young couple with their whole lives ahead of them trying to enjoy a peaceful sunset," Weintraub said.

Kutt's girlfriend said that she heard a gunshot and then saw her boyfriend fall backwards. She also said that moments later she saw a man in an orange vest and hunting gear. The man was around 550 feet away standing behind a yellow gate on Old Ridge Road. The man was looking at them and hastily left the place.

However, Kutt's girlfriend isn't sure if it was the same man who shot her boyfriend. She then along with emergency worked first performed first aid on Kutt. He was then rushed to St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, where he was pronounced dead on Monday morning.

Who Killed Kutt?

Although an investigation has been launched, police are yet to zero in on anyone for killing Kutt. "I believe this was either just a tragic accident or it could be a hunter who wasn't potentially hunting the way they were supposed to," Weintraub said.

Hunting is not allowed everyday in the park but it was allowed on the day Kutt was killed. Cops, including a K9 unit and a State Police helicopter, scoured the area and didn't find any suspects for the shooting. Investigators are asking anyone who may have been at the park on Saturday to come forward with information.

"We need to understand what the shooter's intent was, whether there was actually any criminal mental state," Weintraub said. Kutt's organs will be donated, said authorities.

It is with extreme heavy and broken heart that we share with you the passing of our son Jason Kutt due to a gunshot...

Posted by Ronald Kutt on Monday, 26 October 2020