Pennsylvania Mom Who Documented Daughter's Surgeries on Social Media, Accused of Prolonging Her Recovery for Monetary Gain

A Pennsylvania woman who posted on TikTok and Facebook about her 10-year-old daughter's medical issues was arrested last month for allegedly prolonging her recovery, presumably to garner funds.

After the victim had back surgery a few years ago, her mother, Yvette Brady, 31, allegedly prevented the incision from healing — causing her daughter, Marlanea, to undergo more surgeries, as reported by WNEP.

Doctors Became Suspicious After Incision Stopped Healing Under Brady's Care

Yvette Brady and Marlenea
Yvette and Marlenea Brady Facebook

Doctors at two hospitals were suspicious for a while as the girl's surgical incision would heal while in the hospital or under home health nurses' supervision, but healing would stop when her mother was caring for her, the outlet reported.

According to court paperwork, investigators in June asked doctors at one of the hospitals about possible child abuse. They reportedly described an ordeal that involved faking, exaggerating, and even causing the child's symptoms.

According to WNEP, the girl told police in July that Brady coached her about questions that the investigators would ask and how she should respond to them.

Brady was Unemployed, Supported Herself with Funds Raised by Marlanea's GoFundMe

Marlanea also told investigators that her mother was unemployed and supported herself through donations — including a GoFundMe page that was established for the girl's medical recovery that amassed more than $11,500 in donations. The local community also held fundraisers to raise money for Marlenea's medical expenses.

Marlanea has undergone as many as 11 major back surgeries as she was born with a hemivertebrae, severe congenital scoliosis and two heart defects, according to her GoFundMe.

Brady's Posts on Marlenea's Back Incision Not Healing

Yvette Brady and Marlenea
Yvette and Marlenea Brady. GoFundMe/Twitter

The mother allegedly also documented her daughter's medical complications and recovery on TikTok and Facebook. "Marlee has another infection in her back because her body isn't taking this healing process well," Brady captioned an image of Marlenea's back incision in a Nov. 2 post on Facebook.

"Marlanea's open wound on her back has been unchanged and present for about a month now. Marlee will be going in for surgery "hopefully after Christmas" with plastics and wound care to fix it," Brady wrote in a December 7 post.

Brady was arrested and charged last month. She has been charged with endangering the welfare of her child and simple assault. Brady gave up her right to a preliminary hearing on Monday. Her next court appearance in Lackawanna County has not yet been scheduled.

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