Pennsylvania Man Hits Head on Pavement, Dies After Being Shoved by Cop While He's Rendering Aid to Shooting Victim

A man is dead and another is injured following a shooting that took place outside a Walmart in Monaca, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

The deceased individual was trying to help the shooting victim when a local police officer caused his death, according to the good samaritan's family, as reported by CBS News.

At around 6:30 pm on Sunday when gunfire erupted in the parking lot of the Walmart, injuring 20-year-old Rashaun Smith, who was shot in the abdomen. Kenneth Vineyard, 48, rushed to the side of a stranger while he lay bleeding on the ground.

Vineyard was Performing CPR on Shooting Victim when He Was Shoved

Kenneth Vineyard
Kenneth Vineyard GoFundMe

"As the victim of that shooting lay bleeding, a Good Samaritan named Kenneth Vineyard rushed to the victim to render aid," attorney Joel Sansone said.

Once paramedics arrived, Sansone said Vineyard stepped away to allow them to do their job. Then, a man in plain clothes, demanded Vineyard step away from the victim. The 48-year-old tried to explain to the unidentified man that he was simply trying to help and was with his fiancé.

"The unidentified man insisted Mr. Vineyard step away and violently pushed Mr. Vineyard to the ground where he struck his head on the pavement."

Vineyard's fiancé began chest compressions while first responders tended to him as he had no pulse. Vineyard was rushed to Beaver County Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

'Senseless Police Violence'

"This appears to be another instance of senseless police violence," said Sansone.

"I've come to learn that the unidentified individual who violently pushed Mr. Vineyard is a police officer employed by the Center Township Police Department," he added.

Sansone said there are many eye-witnesses, including Vineyard's fiancé, who saw the incident unfold. He also noted that there is video footage from the scene, clearly showing the alleged violent shove by the officer.

"We want the name of the individual who caused this death and we intend to sue him and possibly others," said Sansone.

State police confirmed to KDKA they are investigating Vineyard's death. They say they plan to talk to the Center Township officer as early as Wednesday.

Vineyard's family have since launched a GoFundMe page that has amassed more than $13,000 in donations.