'Pedophile' Barbs as Joe Biden Says 'Wife Would Kill Him' If Gianna Floyd Sat on His Lap

Controversy broke over US President Joe Biden's remarks that Gianna Floyd hugged him and wanted to sit on his lap during her visit to the White House on Tuesday. Gianna, the daughter of George Floyd, accompanied members of her family and lawyers to discuss police reform with Biden.

On Memorial Day last year, Floyd was handcuffed and restrained by four Minneapolis police officers led by Derek Chauvin for an alleged $20 forgery. Chauvin pushed Floyd down on the road and pinned him down by placing his knee over Floyd's neck.

Despite the victim shouting that he was not able to breathe, Chauvin did not move his knee for exactly 8.46 minutes, causing Floyd's death due to asphyxiation.

Gianna Floyd
Gianna Floyd, during her visit to the White House on Tuesday. Twitter

Gianna Asked for Snacks in the White House

The controversy broke after Biden's clip of detailing Gianna's visit to the White House went viral on social media.

Speaking to the reporters prior to boarding Marine One for a trip to Wilmington, Biden said that the seven-year-old hugged him and 'wanted to sit on his lap,' during her visit to the Oval Office. Biden said Gianna said, "I'm really hungry. Do you have any snacks?"

"My wife [Jill] would kill me - we gave her some ice cream, she had some Cheetos and I think she had some chocolate milk," Biden responded with a chuckle.

Social Media Reacts to Biden's Statement

However, his statement was taken out of context by several social media users. Biden, who was touted as a pedophile by former US President Donald Trump in a retweeted tweet, is often referred to as 'creepy Joe' in a series of viral social media clippings involving women and young girls.

"The one thing that came from Joe Biden's meeting with Gianna Floyd is that we now know that Dr. Jill Biden would kill him if an eight year old girl sat in his lap. Interesting," tweeted a user.

"Pedo Confirmed PRES. BIDEN: George Floyd's daughter Gianna "threw her arms around me, gave me a big hug — and wanted to sit in my lap," wrote another user.

"Joe biden: gianna floyd asked if we had snacks and I gave her junk food, my wife is gonna kill me some ☭, apparently: this is an admission of pedophilia, checkmate libs," read another tweet.

However, there were several others who ripped those who made the statement appear controversial. "No. Theres a question between the two quotes. "His wife would kill" him for giving Gianna Floyd so much junk food. He did not say it about the sitting on the lap. Still a weird bit of nonsense focused on Biden rather than on the family & other murder victims," wrote a Twitter user.

"Biden gave Gianna Floyd ice cream, cheetos and chocolate milk yesterday he said. He also said @FLOTUS would probably kill him for the (unhealthy) snack selection," wrote another.