Payiza announces the addition of Selaiman Azizi to the Board and VP of Business Development

Selaiman Azizi

Payiza, the world's First DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)-based global banking platform, this week announced Selaiman Azizi as an Investor and Vice President of Business Development accelerating the expansion of its solution into emerging markets. Selaiman Azizi, based in Dubai, UAE, currently holds the position as CEO of World Fuel group & Azizi & Partners LLC, mainly focussed on commodity trading, petroleum, hospitality and healthcare, as well as advisory roles to various smart city developers across the Middle East and Africa.

Payiza will leverage Selaiman Azizi's existing presence in key African markets where Selaiman's role will primarily be to facilitate approvals from Central Banks and Regulatory Authorities. When asked why he chose Payiza he said, "over the last year I've met multiple challenges with banking in the markets we operate in Africa, we needed business transactions to be simpler, more seamless and efficient for us to conduct business faster with security and confidence. Whilst working on smart city initiatives I found that I was trying to bring Artificial Intelligence and smart technologies to the region, but faced basic challenges in payments. I identified a problem and was already aware of the work that Payiza was doing as a disruptor as a DLT through its simplicity and ease of use for both fiat and crypto, it made sense to me to partner with them to fix a challenge that I was encountering and make life easier for the business community'.

Payiza offers the facility to spend virtual currently as well as national currently using one single platform, offering digital banking services to worldwide users. It is the first-ever NEO and Crypto Banking connected platform with a global network of 600+ mobile operators spread across 143 countries. Payiza has simplified the full end to end banking infrastructure. Now people only need their mobile phone for transferring funds, paying restaurant bills and utilities by scanning a QR code, alternatively keying the mobile numbers.

Mo Akram, Founder of Payiza, said, "We are thrilled with the addition of Selaiman Azizi to our growing team and look forward to the continuing expansion of Payiza's footprint across emerging markets such as Africa and the mature markets established within the Gulf, China, and Europe. We were impressed by his speed and tenacity to get a job done, and for a start up such as us, time is critical. We are proud of the work we've accomplished in the past few years, and we're excited for our next phase of growth together with Selaiman. "

Mr Azizi believes that Payiza will help the digitalisation of businesses and help them to accept payments, disburse payments. It provides a wide range of payment sources, including Payiza wallet, UPI, virtual account system, crypto (where legal), credit card, debit card. Whilst Azizi's journey with Payiza began with simplifying business transactions, it is the positive impact that it will have on the average layman that excites him the most and changing the landscape of how we make payments in the future.

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