Who Was Paul Urey? Western Aid Worker Dies In Russian Captivity In Donetsk People's Republic

A Western aid worker died in the Russian captivity in Donbas. The British aid worker passed away on Sunday. Paul Urey was captured by pro-Russian forces in April.

Urey along with another UK volunteer was charged with "mercenary" activity. In Donbas, such an offense is punishable by death. Urey was captured from Zaporizhzhia when Russian forces entered the city.

Paul Urey
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Paul Urey Died Of illness

DNR ombudswoman Daria Morozova has claimed that Urey died of illness, a claim which is completely doubtful at the time of war.

Urey Was Diagnosed With A Number of Chronic illnesses

During his first medical examination, Paul Urey was diagnosed with a number of chronic illnesses, including insulin-dependent diabetes, respiratory system failure, kidney failure and several cardiovascular illnesses, according to Morozova.

Linda, Urey's mother, has been claiming that her son went to Ukraine to help people amid humanitarian crisis, which was caused by the Russian invasion of the country.

Linda Urey Raked Up Issue With British Foreign Office

Underlining the medical conditions of his son, Linda had also raked up the issue with the Presidium Network crisis group and the British Foreign Office as she wanted to secure his release.

Urey Was Type 1 Diabetic And Needed His Insulin

In April, she claimed that her son is a type 1 diabetic and needs his insulin. "We have asked the Presidium Network to help us and also the Foreign Office to help as well. We pray for him and hope he is safe," she said, according to The Moscow Times.

In May, Urey appeared on Russian television. The handcuffed aid worker detailed that he went to the war-torn country because he was skeptical about the UK media's portrayal of the Russian invasion.

Urey had made the confessions but his mother claims that he was forced to make the confessions.