Putin Runs Out Of Strength To Attack; Russian Forces In Panic And Seeking Places to Hide From US Weapons, Reveal Intercepted Conversation

Russia has run out of strength to attack and its soldiers are in a panic as they are being badly hit by Western weapons, according to a conversation of Russian soldiers intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

In the intercepted conversation, a Russian soldier tells his wife that Ukrainians are drinking coffee, pressing buttons and destroying Moscow's tanks from 3-4 kilometers away before Russian tanks spot their targets.

russian soldiers
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Ukrainians Are Drinking Coffee, Pressing Buttons

They are sitting, drinking coffee, pressing buttons, and they are throwing shells at you. And you are running around like a motherf**cker. We have already had so many tanks burned out here, so much equipment... And our motherf**ckers can't even hit them, can't calculate them," according to Pravda

After listening to this his wife was in shock as Russian tanks were being blown up on the battlefield as toys. "They start hitting you 3-4 kilometers away. Where will you shoot at with the tank," the soldier said.

Western Weapons Are Being Effective

The conversation is suggesting that Western weapons supplied to Ukraine's Armed Forces are enough capable and powerful to destroy enemy weapons.

It has also emerged that Russia is turning toward the defensive mode as its military trucks were filmed delivering a readymade blockhouse to occupied areas in Ukraine.

Ready-Made Reinforced Concrete Pillboxes Brought to Ukraine

Ivan Yakovina, a pro-Ukrainian journalist, has posted pictures on his social media handle, stating that "ready-made reinforced concrete pillboxes brought to Ukraine from Russia." He said this means that Putin has run out of strength to attack.

Yakovina went on to say that Putin's going to dig in and Moscow will be shouting about peace and the desire to 'stop the terrible war that the West started'. "At the same time, Ukraine will be accused of bloodthirsty madness and senseless aggression," said Yakovina, according to Daily Mirror.

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