Patient 17: Is alien abduction real?

Jim Corbell, an investigative movie-maker, talks about his real-life experience regarding alien abduction and extraterrestrial implants


Recently, the hosts of the popular podcast show Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, Noel Brown, Ben Bowlin and Matt Frederick had invited well-known investigative movie-maker Jeremy Corbell in one of the episodes of the show.

Corbell, who is best known for making documentary movies about "extraordinary people with extraordinary beliefs", has so far worked on a range of topics, starting from aerospace exploration and nanotechnology to bizarre and inexplicable theories. For example, one of the various topics that Corbell had covered in the past is the deathbed confessions of ex-officials of the U.S. government, who have claimed to know the confidential information about UFOs and their cover-up stories.

In the enthralling episode with Jeremy Corbell, the hosts discussed alien abductions and the authenticity of such reports. To be precise, they asked Corbell whether, according to his experience and beliefs, extraterrestrials abduct human beings to implant alien objects into their bodies and if not, then where do those kinds of strange objects appear from into some people's body?

Corbell also talked about his new film "Patient 17" in the podcast. The director was asked to film a surgery by late Dr. Roger Leir, who was about to surgically remove a strange object from a patient's leg. Dr. Leir was a pediatric surgeon and an "alien implant specialist." Corbell was intrigued by the case and so he decided to record the surgery, which can be seen in this new film.

According to Corbell, what he saw that day in the surgery made him believe that no matter how bizarre it sounds but the reports of extraterrestrial abductions and implants most certainly need profound investigation.

According to the documentary, the mysterious object, which was removed from the Patient 17, was quite unfamiliar in terms of Earthly properties. Dr. Leir had sent it off to a laboratory in New Hampshire lab, where allegedly it was discovered that the object had iridium in it. Iridium is an element, which can only be found in meteorites. More shockingly, the object also appeared to release electromagnetic frequencies, which indicated towards the fact that it was some kind of a tracking apparatus.

The New Hampshire lab had conducted tests on the object by making use of isotopic analysis, informed Corbell, and that brought on another bombshell. It seemed that one of the most generously available element on Earth, isotope zinc-64, was not present in the object. As the element is supposed to be in every terrestrial object, didn't it mean that the object was, indeed, extraterrestrial? Actually, that might not be the case. Investigative journalist George Knapp, whom Corbell called to be his mentor, had asked the filmmaker to get the reports tested from numerous labs and verify it thoroughly.

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However, Corbell also made it clear that his efforts to get a sample of that object have failed so far, so it's kind of impossible at this time to get the verification done. He also could not get his hands on any other object that Leir has surgically removed from other patients and claimed to be extraterrestrial.

This article was first published on November 26, 2017