Parth Acharya's Product Management Career Has Brought Some of the Most Innovative Tech Products to the Market

Parth Acharya

Throughout his career as a product manager in the technology space, Parth Acharya has been recognized by his colleagues as "innately curious about how and why things work," and as a natural leader. Those qualities, when paired with his impressive list of technical skills, have resulted in some amazing accomplishments. Parth has mastered the skill of understanding a problem at hand, thinking about it in a unique way, and proposing a solution that beats expectations.

He has nearly a decade of experience as a product manager for software products and has worked across a wide range of verticals like consumer eCommerce, B2B eCommerce, Conversational AI, and even Computer Vision. Eager to learn new skills and platforms, Parth continues to shine in ever-changing environments, is the first to take on a new challenge, and knows how to deliver products that, quite frankly, are revolutionary within their market.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems, Parth started a role at Dell Technologies in the United States. Although he was new to the Dell Ecosystem, Parth was responsible for the conceptualization and development of an eCommerce application that would change the level of service Dell could provide to its customers during times of high-volume sales such as Black Friday.

This application provided 100% site stability during its first year live for the Black Friday online sale, but it went above and beyond that. It actively managed sales better than ever before, ensuring that inventory was not oversold. These outcomes led Dell to fulfill its promise of delivering 100% of Black Friday orders by Christmas, boosted customer satisfaction, and paved the way for how Dell could use technology to streamline the customer experience. Six years after the application's inception, Parth secured a patent for his design. His time at Dell ended in 2021, but his impact never will.

Taking on a new challenge, Parth joined the Alexa-Smart Home team at Amazon. If you've ever shouted "Alexa, turn on the lights," and watched as your room lit up, you have Parth and his team to thank. Among all the use cases that customers see today, one of the voice experiences built by Parth and the team that stands apart is the one built for customers with accessibility needs such as mobility or visual impairment.

Today, Parth is focused on using computer vision and artificial intelligence to support farmers; they can use these technologies to evaluate crop health more accurately and anticipate issues with the upcoming harvest faster than ever before. While these technologies will be revolutionary for the agricultural industry, they can be applied to an even broader range of challenges. For example, manufacturing plants can utilize these same tools to see when a machine needs to be serviced, cutting down on lost production time and improving safety measures.

Technological advancements are about so much more than flashy lights or new games for your phone. When done right, it's these products that change how society works, how people connect with one another, and even how problems are solved. Parth has gotten to play a role in many aspects of applying technology to today's world; his impact starts on his team, travels to his customers, and often, reaches end users just like you. Next time you come face-to-face with a challenge, think about how technological advancements could help you overcome that challenge; that's exactly what Parth does on a daily basis.