Park Yoochun shamed with another sexual assault case

The women is accusing Yoochun of sexually abusing her at an adult entertainment establishment.

Former TVXQ member Park Yoochun has been slapped with another sexual assault case. Reportedly, a woman has filed a case against the singer indicating the incident that took place in December 2015.

As per media reports swirling around the web, the women is accusing JYJ's Yoochun of sexually abusing her at an adult entertainment establishment. The unproven victim claimed: "He told me that we should go talk in the bathroom because he couldn't hear me well. I didn't know how far I could take this, but then he started sexually assaulting me. I told him this isn't right and that I wanted to leave, but he held my wrist and blocked me from leaving."

The women who introduced herself as an employee of the entertainment centre also revealed that she did not report the incident earlier due to fear. She said: "I got scared when I actually went to the police station... I couldn't say anything."

The reports also suggested that the alleged victim gathered the courage to complain on seeing the similar abuse charges that Ms. Lee pressed on the singer. Although, the truth behind the whole story is not known.

However, the police are still investigating Yoochun's sexual assault case with Ms Lee, despite her officially withdrawing the charges. As for now, Yoochun's label C-Jes Entertainment has remained shut on the new case and has only responded with a liner: "We are currently checking the situation."