Sexual assault charges dropped against Park Yoochun

Miss Lee's boyfriend has issued an explanation stating the cause of case closure from their side.

Seoul Gangnam Police has finally spoken up about the recent development in Park Yoochun's sexual assault case. On 15 June, the police reportedly confirmed that the complainant , Ms. Lee, has withdrawn the charges slapped on the former TVXQ band member.

In the official statement, as quoted by Allkpop, Miss Lee personally testified that the sexual relation was not forced upon, and hence, she is dropping the charges of the assault. The note read: "There was no force during the sexual intercourse with Park Yoochun, but I filed the claim because I felt that he and his group saw me as an easy person."

The police official further said: "Because the final decision to penalize the accused doesn't necessary depend on the accuser's perspective, we must carefully determine whether to continue the investigation or not."

Meanwhile, stating the cause of case closure, Miss Lee's boyfriend has issued an explanation to Sports Donga. He said: "We submitted a document to an affiliate of the Seoul Gangnam Police station today at around 6:30 p.m. stating [we] are dropping the charges."

"An accident happened when (Ms. Lee) was drunk. When I heard about the accident that day, I got mad and that's why [we] filed the charges. However, [I] thought it was our fault for not finding out the exact situation of what happened before and after and that's why the charges were canceled," he told the publication.

The boyfriend further added that they never thought that the case will attract so much of media attention. He stated: "I didn't want outsiders to know when I was filing the charges, but as the incident got reported, the situation got of out hand. Ms Lee is under a state of shock, and too large of a damage was incurred by the other side."

In addition, Allkpop also reported that Yoochun was to take his post as a public service personnel for the Gangnam-gu Ward Office Station on 15 June.